Comedy Central and YouTube Potential Deal Around Copyrighted Material

Comedy Central is owned by Viacom. Viacom recently ordered YouTube to remove any copyrighted material. Then it seems they changed their mind and YouTube put the videos back up. Is it possible that Viacom and other giants will all work out deals with video sharing services that are either large enough or popular enough to warrant revenue sharing? (more…)

More Live Search and Live Academic Makes Beta

I just checked out? Microsoft’s Live Search again. No doubt Microsoft is serious about search.? is pretty hot.

I found the interface to be helpful. I didn’t do any formal testing, but moving around, searching and figuring out? the interface is pretty straightforward. They obviously did do the formal testing.? They seem to be? keeping? development cycles small and the stream of improvements? is refreshing to see.? However, Google will remain my default search provder in IE7 and Firefox for now, but (more…)

Adobe MAX Conference Closing Thoughts

Adobe knows how to make the conference model work. Yeah, the price is high for entry and potentially a barrier for many. However, if you’re a web professional, meaning someone pays you to design or develop or strategize on the web, it’s an annual? must-do event.

Validating your existence among your peers? and tool-builders can be? priceless.? Knowing you’re moving in the right direction professionally and technologically saves you time because you’re not learning applications you may not use a year from now, not to mention the thousands of minutes you save through? improved workflow.

Attending and learning? from hands-on training, workshops and having deep conversations with peers over food gives us all a sense of community and higher understanding of how we fit into our profession.

If you’ve sent someone from your team or company to Adobe MAX, I recommend sharing some time with them today and listen again in one month. If you didn’t attend or send anyone, I recommend you do so next year.

Adobe MAX Conference Day Three – Interview with Ben Forta

Ben Forta is a household name for folks that use Cold Fusion. Adobe Flex users also know Ben as a community leader and technical guru. I got to see Ben for the first time in the roll of Conference Chair for Adobe MAX. I’ve only known of Ben as a technical guru and never knew he was also a close friend of Scorpio Man, a super-hero that revealed himself during a sneek preview of Project Scorpio on Thursday. More on that later.

I caught up with Ben between conversations in the hallways of the Venetian Conference Center and asked him how things were going at this years conference.

Click the play button to hear his response.

Adobe MAX Conference Day One Coverage

Aloha and welcome to today’s WOW Technology Minute. This is Brent reporting from the Venetian Conference Center and Casino. It’s already apparent this is not your ordinary conference.

Day one is filled with hands-on training and workshops. Most attendees are in training classes all day. Let me explain what I mean by? hands-on training.

Hands-on training is led by an instructor that goes through each step in the lesson on a projector. Students watch the instructor then do the lesson on the machine in front of them. Everyone has the same software and assistants are available to keep the flow of the class going smoothly.

Hands-on is the best method for retention. It’s much better than the normal conference model of? watch and take notes for later.? A lot of attendees here will going home on Thursday with? enhanced? and or new? skills.

I’ll have some Adobe announcements for you tomorrow after I buy some drinks for some Adobe employees tonight.

From Adobe MAX in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the WOW Technology Minute.

Adobe MAX Conference in Las Vegas!

The buzz is heavy. We’re here in Vegas to get the latest scoops on Adobe products and strategies? from the source.?  We’ve got a few interviews scheduled with your favorite Web Pros. I’ll be doing more writing than recording but I’ll continue loading up the interviews over the coming days and there’s still time to get your requests in. Email brent at with your requests.

Maybe you’d like to ask Adobe, what they? plan to do with recently acquired, Serious Magic, makers of video production software? Look for some key product announcements and plenty of hype over products like recently released Contribute 4 with some very strong blog publishing tools.

Now some tech news, Google has improved their webmaster tools again. This time they’ve added Googlebot activity reports, crawl rate control, enhanced image search, and your total number or urls submitted.

If I had any stock in companies that sell tools similar to the tools Google is coming out with for free, I’d sell now.

Adobe and Google? have both reported strong third quarter results.

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawaii, this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the WOW Technology Minute.

Adobe MAX Conference

Adobe picks up video software maker

Adobe Achieves 24 Percent Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth

Adobe Flash Player 9 Update for Linux Released on Labs

Google Webmaster Central Blog – by Vanessa Fox

Google Webmaster Tools : Learn more about Googlebot’s crawl of your site and more!

Google Announces Third Quarter 2006 Results

Tech news, EU, Blue Chip jobs, Panama, Ask ads and IE7 Released

The European Union? is planning to require anyone that features video on their website conform to EU standards. This means if you’ve got a personal blog and you use video on your site, you’ll need to register as a television station for the EU.

CNN’s Money Magazine describes Blue Chip Experts as a MySpace for job seekers. To get into the site, you’ll need to know the headline from the article, it’s included in this post (the missing word is MySpace).

Dodgeball is a site owned by Google that let’s you use your cell phone to notify your friends where you are so you can meet easily. This is a 2.0 SMS service that according to TechCrunch is now working with you Google account. No Google account, no worries, it’s not like it’s 2007 or anything. and Yahoo have new ad products marketers should check out. According to Barry Schwartz at SearchEngineWatch, Yahoo! Sponsored Search has a snappier interface and faster approval times.

Finally, Microsoft has released IE7. Download it here.

EU wants to wrap online video sites in red tape:

Blue Chip Expert – a MySpace for job seekers by CNN / Money Magazine

Blue Chip Expert Sponsored Listings Flash Demo:

Yahoo! Search Marketing : Be an Early Adopter of the New Sponsored Search
Project Panama Released Early :
by Barry Schwartz at

No Turning Back: Panama Goes Live

Yahoo! Announced Panama Launch : See My Notes About Panama Directly From Yahoo! Search Marketing’s Headquarters

Microsoft IE7 Released : Download link here

Universal Music Sues Video Services

One day your competitior starts signing? deals with major labels like Universal Music. The next day they get bought by Google. Then on the third day, Universal turns around sues you for doing what YouTube was doing three days earlier. It’s gonna be a tough battle for anyone using copyrighted material to increase profits.

Congratulations? YouTube! You’ve pulled off a deal that would excite any M&A professional. But Universal going after the competition seems kinda premature. Does this mean that? the rising tides of video are no longer lifting all boats?? Don’t think for a second that the music business isn’t vicious. You already know they? use? the RIAA to sue kids that listen and swap their artist’s music.

So how do you survive if you want to show video on your site? You make sure there isn’t anything copyrighted by someone else in it. So that means no one else’s work if they created it in the last seven years in the U.S.

According to Universal, “Grouper and Bolt cannot reasonably expect to build their business on the backs of our content.”

Universal Music files suit against Grouper,

Universal Music Sues Two Video Sharing Sites? : Tech2.0? India

Universal Music sues video sites : BBC

Universal sues two video sites : The Inquirer

Bolt and Grouper Sued by Universal Music Group: Is YouTube Next? : Blogcritics

Search Google Blogs for stories relating to Video Regulation and the E.U.

The Longtail Take on Universal? : Universal’s Long Tail music experiment

EU Considering Regulating Video Bloggers

“EU to regulate video blogs?” : from

EU Directive Might Regulate Video Bloggers : from the Information Policy blog

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