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  • The State of the Web Today
    The web is a powerful and ubiquitous platform that connects billions of people and devices around the world. It enables communication, education, entertainment, commerce, and social interaction. However, the web also faces many challenges and opportunities for employment, security, and artificial intelligence. One of the challenges of the web is to provide access and quality … Read more
  • 2020 Web Design Challenge Results
    Gold Medal Winners of the 2020 Web Design and Development Competition Announced is pleased to announce the Gold medal winners of the 2020 “Virtual” Web Design Challenge This year’s innovative and totally online event invited and challenged Challengers documented their progress as they demonstrated their skills in Web Programming (HTML, XHTML and CSS), Web … Read more
  • Certifies U.S. Rural High School Students
    First in Nation to Earn STEM/STEAM Stackable International Industry-Recognized Certifications developed by Haven, Kansas May 6, 2019 – Three Haven High School Students are the first in the U.S. to earn Associate Level Web Developer stacking certifications from two separate courses at Haven High School. Additionally, nine more students earned Web and Mobile … Read more
  • How To Transition From a Career in Manufacturing to Web Design and Development 
    Today I read about another major auto manufacturer laying off employees. My heart goes out to the employees who have spent years working for companies that shut down on just a moment’s notice. At one time, working in auto production was a reliable means to provide for a family. It was a sustainable career with … Read more
  • How To Create A Happy And Productive Work Environment At Home
    How and where we work is changing. The nature of modern businesses and lifestyles means working from home is more popular than ever. Going to the same office eight hours a day, five days a week is no longer the norm. While working from home can sound like a dream, anyone who’s actually done knows … Read more

Web Professional Code of Ethics

Why this Matters

We encourage you to learn more about why an industry code of ethics matters for web professional workers. You will find our code of ethics below. If you are a member, we have a separate page/ link once you login to your account.

Have you agreed to our Web Professionals Code of Ethics for non-members? Make sure you check the box, provide your name and email, and click the accept button.

Professional organizations and associations throughout history establish standards of operation or minimum standards of conduct considered acceptable for the profession and the members they represent.

A generally agreed-upon Code of Ethics can define the overall aim of the profession and the ideals to which Web workers aspire.

Employers, Hiring Managers, Consumers and those that Hire Professional members have expectations.

  • Be open and truthful
  • Respect & Protect intellectual property
  • Be Responsive
  • Use Written Communications

Requests and Promises should always be in writing.

Despite best efforts, disputes can arise. A well-documented and agreed upon relationship serves both parties. Document all conversations about who does what and when, work to be performed, timelines, cost, and change orders.

Certifications Updated

WebProfessionals (aka the World Organization of Webmasters) has a 20+ year history of supporting practicing professionals and those that teach them. We also support aspiring web professionals. We have recently updated our certifications to include novice level (for middle school students aspiring to a career in web technologies). We have also added certifications in Web and Mobile App Development and Web Animation.

Our certification page has been updated for those who would like to learn more.