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Registration aka the World Organization of Webmasters (WOW), working with industry and education, has developed the Certified Web Professional (CWP) program.

Registration Process Information :

  • Step 1: Select the desired professional certification from the choices below).
  • Step 2: Complete the order form by providing the requested information.
  • Step 3: When you register below you will be billed the price of $95.00 and you will be asked to enter your credit card information to pay for this.
  • Step 4: We will contact you within 24 – 48 hours to confirm your exam registration and the exam you wish to take and when you wish to take it.

Professional level exams

CPW (Certified Professional Webmaster) exam
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CPWDS (Certified Professional Web Designer) exam
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CPWDV (Certified Professional Web Developer) exam
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CPWA (Certified Professional Web Administrator) exam
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CWAnim (Certified Professional Web Animator ) exam
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CWMA (Certified Professional Web and Mobile App Developer ) exam
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Associate level exams

CWDSA (Certified Web Designer Associate) exam
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CAW (Certified Associate Webmaster) exam
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CWDVA (Certified Web Developer Associate) exam
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CWAA (Certified Web Administrator Associate) exam
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CWAnim-associate (Certified Web Animator Associate) exam
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CWMA-associate (Certified Web and Mobile App Developer Associate) exam
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Apprentice level exams

CWDSA-apprentice (Certified Web Designer Apprentice) exam
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CAW-apprentice (Certified Apprentice Webmaster) exam
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CWDVA-apprentice (Certified Web Developer Apprentice) exam
[wlm_stripe_btn sku=1450283317]

CWAA-apprentice (Certified Web Administrator Apprentice) exam
[wlm_stripe_btn sku=1450283432]

CWAnim-apprentice (Certified Web Animator Apprentice) exam
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CWMA-apprentice (Certified Web and Mobile App Developer Apprentice) exam
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Novice level exams

CWDSA-novice (Certified Web Designer Novice) exam
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CWDVA-novice (Certified Web Developer Novice) exam
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CWAnim-novice (Certified Web Animator Novice) exam
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CWMA-novice (Certified Web and Mobile App Developer Novice) exam
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Additional certification exams

CECM (Certified E-Commerce Manager) exam
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CWCSB (Certified Web Consultant) exam
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