Web Design Contest

WebProfessionals.org Participates in Several High Profile Web Design Contest

* USA ( Event Sponsor and Tech Chair)
* World Skills Americas ( Industry Expert and USA Competitor )
* WorldSkills International ( Industry Expert and USA Competitor )


The Web Design Contest is about honoring excellence in the Web profession. The Web Design Contest is also about empowering the creative, technically proficient & future business-savvy Web professionals within the secondary (high school) and post secondary (college) communities.

* The USA Web Design Contest takes place annually in June Kansas City Missouri.
* The WorldSkills Web Design Contest takes place every two years and rotates to various countries around the world.

web-pros from around the globe

Who Participates

Web Professional Experts from Business, Industry and Education

Web Design Contest for Students within

– High school
– Community College and Technical Schools

The Web Design Competition provides opportunities for contestants, judges and interested parties to:

  • Recognize excellence and professionalism in the field of Web design, Web development and Web business
  • Enhance communication among industry professionals, including web professionals in government, business, and education, and aspiring web professionals and the customers/employers they serve
  • Provide for education through fostering professional standards
  • Stimulate the continued growth of the Web by providing a forum for the raising of new ideas and an effective mechanism for dialog on these issues
  • For additional information about the Web Design Contest including a list of the winners, dates and location click here.

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