Education Alliance Program

WOW Education Affiliate Program was developed for educational institutions that have an interest in aligning their program to WOW’s Web Professional Academy Program but lack the resources to commit to WOW’s Web Professional Academy program requirements.

Benefits of becoming a WOW Education Affiliate Program include:

  • Exclusive rights to market Web professional programs as a WOW Educational Affiliate
  • Access to WOW Resources
  • Marketing support on the WOW Website and at WOW Conferences

The purpose of the WOW Education Affiliate Program is:

  • To facilitate quality Web professional education
  • To provide training paths for Web professional careers
  • To provide pathways for certification
  • To provide a community for networking and discussions among all web professionals including students, teachers and practicing professionals
  • To enhance the role of technically proficient, business savvy Web professionals

The Mission of the WOW Education Affiliate Program is:

  • To provide variety of high quality and affordable educational resources for aspiring and practicing Web professionals, and those that teach them
  • To provide access to shared educational resources including: curriculum outlines, syllabi, instructor resources for high schools, colleges and universities that teach Web centric topics
  • To provide instructor guidelines regarding curricula content and currency of materials
  • To provide open and moderated discussion forums

Mark DuBois presently serves as the WOW Director of Education and coordinates activities of the WOW Education Affiliate. For specific questions regarding WOW Education Affiliate, please contact Mark You can also complete the WOW Web Professional Academy contact form online.