Some Trends to Look for in 2007 – Part One

I enjoy sticking my neck out.? I won’t bore you with predictions but I will point out a few things to look out for in 2007.

Standards-based designer and developer postions. The standards are here and now we need to redesign and build a lot of websites. CSS and? XHTML are the best ways to power sites that can be viewed on? the most devices. We’ll need less gurus and more producers to get this work done.

Change management agents and consultants. Look for roles and responsibilities to change as things continue to pick up speed. Managers with both web 1 and 2.0 experience that understand these needs will also be in demand and seen as requirements by investors.

Look for more personalized and socially-aware applications as transparency blurs the lines between online and offline life.

Look for RSS to aid syncronization of our important data between our devices. This will drive more data from our hard drives to many areas other than our desktops.? Miniaturization, security, data safety, bandwidth? and confidence will keep us moving our files onto the Internet and personal devices.

More soon, from somewhere between Nashville and Miami, this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the WOW Technology Minute.

Ethics and Transparency

Who are you? Are you someone different online than in real life? Do you fib or tell little white lies to your boss or clients so they think you’re busy, or under paid or maybe more knowledgeable than you really are?

Look, we know your skill level within ten minutes of meeting you. We know how long it takes to edit a web page or add an email account. We know if you know Dreamweaver or Photoshop. We’ve been there and if you’re boss doesn’t know, they will. Someone will come along and tell the truth. In 2007, let that someone be you.

The point I’m trying to make is partially that of oversight, like the oversight the bar association has over lawyers and I’m talking about honesty. If it takes you two days to edit a web page, let the client know. If you’re working on a project with the manual on the desk next to you, let them know. If you’re running a reputable business or if you’re a spammer this information like all other information needs to be free.

Ethics and transparency are becoming big issues and in 2007 we’ll be providing the benefits for? you and our community. We’ll be exploring why ethics and transparency are critical success factors for web 2.0 and how they can earn you more money. For now, you’ll just have to trust us. When we say we know you and we’re not alone.

Companies such as MyBlogLog, Linkedin and? Repvine are helping everyone unravel who you are and who we can trust as partners, businesses and humans.

From the highway, this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the WOW Technology Minute.

Holiday News Update

First of all, you can stop shopping now. If you’re an online retailer, congratulations. If you’re an offline retailer, congratulations. Everyone seemed to do pretty well. We’ll report on some of the numbers as the final tallies come in.

Secondly, this should be a fun week at work. It seems not much is getting done out there as the news is limited.

Microsoft extended the warranty on the xbox from 90 days to a year. They have also made Zune compatible with Vista. Uh, hmm.

Cafepress has suffered a pretty serious DOS attack.

The Blogger beta is out of beta. It offers private blogs and more compatibility with Google credentials -Yay!

Earlink rolled out Wi-Fi in two more cities. You’re now free to stay connected in Milipitas and New Orleans.

and Finally, a Federal Judge in Texas has ruled it illegal to link to a webcast if the copyright owner objects.

Competition the Source of Xbox Goodwill

Microsoft makes Zune Vista-friendly’s Website Knocked Offline

The Blogger beta is? Outta Beta

EarthLink rolls out more citywide Wi-Fi

Judge: Can’t link to Webcast if copyright owner objects

Tips for the Holidays

Here’s a few tips we’d like to share with you over the holidays.

Number one, the holidays are already here. If you’re still stuck in work mode, get out of it. If you’re a manager still trying to get that last bit of productivity from your workers, give it up (scrooge).

Number two, communicate with your peers, coworkers and? clients? that you’re done working and you look forward to a productive new year with them.

Number three, write your holiday cards, send your holiday emails and wish everyone you can a happy holiday and happy new year. There’s no better way to get in the spirit than to give. Communicating your best wishes is a great? way to give.

Finally, be safe. There’s no bigger gift to give than yourself, so be safe out there so you can be around to share with us again in 2007. Have a happy holiday and from our families to yours, best wishes for the new year. We’ll have a lot of work to do when we get back.

From somewhere between Nashville and Miami, this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the WOW Technology Minute.

Skype starts charging AOL makes change and Microsoft Robotics

Skype will start charging at the end of the month. There are some deals though for subscribers that? get in early. This might help a few of the Senior Managers that have just been sent packing.

AOL is also? moving around? 3 EVPs and one CTO.

Microsoft Robotics Studio is now available.? They’re? providing a common development platform for building well, robotics and software for robotics. This just keeps getting cooler and cooler.

A key concept? called Quality Score has been explained in the Google Adwords Help Center. This new? section covers over 50 topics.? If you’re a Google advertiser, you need to read, “Skype Announces Senior Management Changes.”

Skype Announces Senior Management Changes

Microsoft Robotics Studio

Thursday's Tech News from the Trenches

Mike at is reporting the new Yahoo! Mail Beta is slow. Internal reports back up his claims. Mike also reports that Ontario police are posting surveillance video of an alleged murderer. The video has received 2,000 views. No word on whether it’s generating leads.


Faster chips are here and so is the EPA with EnergyStar Regulations

Intel has released their newest and fastest quad-core chips ahead of delivery expectations at the request of pc makers. Don’t expect a jump in quality video editing on YouTube as a result.

CNET reports on a bill recently passed by the Senate. The government wants servers and data centers? to be power miserly. Uh, yeah, save money, we get it. Did they miss the memo from Google and other touting the new super effiecient data centers being built?

In an effort to slow down even the most efficient areas of technology, the U.S. governement is trying to bring EnergyStar studies and eventually compliance to data centers. Look for more overhead and higher hosting costs as a result.? I have a feeling they’ll first learn what efficiency is from the top players, then they’ll make up their own recommendations.

From Aloha Workshops in the Big Island of Hawaii where we produce our own power for this podcast, this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the WOW Technology Minute.

Here’s the? quote from

The U.S. Senate late on Thursday unanimously approved a bill that proclaims

it is in the best interest of the United States for purchasers of computer servers to give high priority to energy efficiency as a factor in determining best value and performance for purchases of computer servers.

Senate passes bill touting energy-efficient servers

Enterprise Server and Data Center Efficiency Initiatives

EPA releases Energy Star specification for servers

EPA Energy Star program to tackle server market

Big Island Burns Coal and Oil to Produce Power

Hawaii uses oil to generate a whopping 78 percent of the state’s electricity, compared with just 3 percent nationwide. So everything the Bush plan says about diversifying from fossil fuels goes for us in spades.

Napster is to RIAA What YouTube is to Television Broadcasters

There’s been a lot of talk about Let me try and summarize.

First, television broadcasters like CBS are partnering with YouTube because they recently figured out that online advertising attracts viewers of their tv shows. By partnering, they agree not to sue YouTube for copyright infringement.? YouTube’s members are constantly? uploading? copyrighted information.? The broadcasters? are also building their own video sharing websites to compete with YouTube directly.? Once built, they could sue YouTube and break off the partnership.


Real Estate 2.0

The technology disruptors are all around us. Take Real Estate for example. A new breed of real estate websites are available and the traditional real estate sales process is in play. The MLS or multiple listing service has long been the source of information for home buyers. Their listings are the standard but they’re also exclusive. Only Realtors get to post the listings and membership is a requirement for many agents and brokers.


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