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If you plan on upgrading to Vista, don’t uninstall XP first. You’ll need it installed to validate the fact that you’re performing a valid upgrade.

YouTube is reportedly going to share revenue with video copyright holders. If this interests you, Revver and MetaCafe are already doing this with a smaller audience.

Google is updating their backend much more frequently than before and Matt Cutts has some great advice for dealing with the changes aimed at slowing down the effects of Google Bombs.

There’s a great article for optimizing your word count and copy length in pages written for search engines at

A couple flaws recently reported in Windows Mobile could crash your device. has an interview with John Knoll. Mr. Knoll is up for an Oscar nomination for Pirates of the Carribean but we know him as the guy that worked with his Brother to create Photoshop.? Many of us can trace our careers as designers back to Photoshop. Essentially, I have John Knoll to thank for? my inspiration.

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From Aloha Workshops, a tropical seo paradise, this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the Wow Technology Minute.

Security Bites Podcast: Is Vista’s security worth the upgrade?

YouTube to share revenue–original videos need only apply



Google bombs get dismantled

Optimal Word Count & Web Page Copy Length

Windows Mobile flaws could crash phones

Video: Industrial Light and Magic’s brilliant pirate master

Video: Photoshop, in the beginning

Page Rank Isn't All That's Dying in SEO World

Search Engine Optimization continues to become less relevant. It’s simply becoming easier to find and judge a website’s content through third party reviews and trusted sources.? More than that, it’s becoming possible to judge or thin-slice? a website without visiting it.? Check out’s snapshot feature.

Optimization techniques used to steer? a visitor to a crappy site? are becoming more transparent, less valuable and much less relevant along with current pay per click and page rank features in major search engines.

Search engine marketing will remain strong but many of the specific optimization techniques currently being used will need to be dropped. So what to do… It’s more important than ever to ask how web 2.0 fits into? your marketing? plan.? We’ve listed a few things to consider? in this post’s resources at

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawai`i, where we are currently under wind, surf and fire warnings, this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the Wow Technology Minute.

Additional Resources

Areas to consider in Search Engine Marketing Now

  • Social networks – invite real humans to your website.
  • RSS? syndication – get your feed out.
  • Sitemaps – Use the sitemap protocol.
  • Video – hot right now. Use to get message out / get indexed now.
  • Tagging – specify your keywords in the right environments.
  • Wikis – build community to get your message out. Not wikipedia!
  • Landing pages – convert more visits to sales with branding.
  • Direct mail, stickers? and free t-shirts – get in touch.

SEM Shops, Market Valuation, and “Strategy”

PageRank is dead and NOFOLLOW will NOT Save it! – Carsten Cumbrowski

Many of the links below point to old resources. Note the dates, read carefully!

PageRank is Dead

Google Page Rank – Forum discussion

Toolbar Pagerank is Dead, Google’s Page rank update no more or not yet?

Adobe Apollo and PDF Strategies Microsoft Points System

Ryan Stewart has a solid recounting of why Apollo is important to entrepreneurs at Apollo could easily be the breakthrough product for this year.

In an effort to spread the PDF file format’s adoption, Adobe is releasing control to the ISO. Adobe is hoping for widespread adoption overseas by further inviting more standardization.

There’s a few stories circulating and an announcement from Bill? Gates? that Microsoft? will be opening up a payment processing system based on points. Read more? details on this very interesting payment system already in use in the Xbox 360, the Zune Marketplace and soon to be open to everyone. Really interesting points concept.? 

Microsoft also just released a new meta tagging tool for images. Microsoft Photo Info 1.0 adds a Right-Click menu item that will let you tag multiple photos at the same time and the tags are viewable in hover tips in Windows Explorer in addition to tools that reads IPTC or XMP formats. XP and Vista are supported.

Additional Resources

Adobe?€™s Apollo Provides New Ground For Entrepreneurs

Adobe to Release PDF for Industry Standardization

Adobe to send PDF to standards group

Enterprise Content Management Association (The standards group that will oversee the PDF format)

Breaking news: Adobe to release PDF to ISO

Microsoft To Open ‘Points’ Micro-Payment Framework?

DAVOS: Microsoft To Set Up Online Payment System (CNN)

Microsoft Photo Info 1.0 (details – download)

Hybrid Storage Alliance vs. the SanDisk Flash Drive

I don’t know a lot about computer hardware. But I do know that if I stick more memory in it, I get work done faster. I also know that if I create a ram drive, I can edit video faster. For a while the ram cartels (I just like saying that) kept the price of ram high as long as they could. Production was limited and only after other companies started producing ram, did we get the drop in price and speed increase in our machines.

Now we’re starting to see Flash drives combined with hard disk drives to create hybrid drives. Hybrid drives like the one announced by Intel for Vista? seem to be an interim step but what we really need are full-on Flash memory drives like SanDisk released earlier this month. The SanDisk drive has no moving parts and at 32 gigs, should be big enough to load Vista.? 

So far these Flash? drives are only available to laptop manufacturers but this time there’s competition so look for change soon.

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawai`i this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the Wow Technology Minute.

Additional Research? 

Intel’s Flash cache module wins PCIe thumbs-up

SanDisk rolls out flash hard drives for laptops

Storage vets push new hybrid technologies, 1TB disk drives

Hybrid Storage Alliance

Seven new processors promise cheaper, faster storage – September 27, 2006

Super-Bluetooth Is Another Option for Devices

I was reading a story today about “Ultra Wideband” or UWB. The CIO Tech Informer refers to this as Super Bluetooth. According to CIO Magazine, SK Telecom is going to use this EC approved, fast wireless technology. Once referred to as, “pulse-radio” this protocol has been beaten back by phone vendors that haven’t figured out how to capitalize on the increase in speed it will bring it’s users. Someone please tell these companies, “it’s ok to innovate again.”

That’s just what SK Telecom is doing. They’re figuring out ways to make our lives better through bandwidth. Can I get an Amen!?


WordPress 2.1 Released – TechEd Conference on Oahu

Speaking of WordPress,? a major update has just been released. WordPress 2.1 the so-called, “personal publishing platform” is what we use to power our website, WordPress has well over a million installations and while it’s great for bloggers, it’s also cusomizable enough to function as a web content management system. In other words, you can build site for your client, teach them to use it and retain residual income from things like hosting or other services.

But better yet, WordPress gives designers a plugin architecture. Designers can host and build the site affordably while continually providing more value to the customer through upgrades and maintainence. Free, hosted versions of WordPress are at while, free, self-hosted versions are available through

Finally, if you’re on Oahu in Two weeks, we’ll be there at the TechEd conference. Stop by and say, “aloha.”

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawai`i, this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the Wow Technology Minute.

Additional Resources? – free, hosted version. Just go to their site, sign up and start using your new site. Too simple to even write about. – free, self-hosted version. Download the platform to your server and install -very easy setup.

Tech Spending Solid Anti-spyware Best Practices and Atlanta Tries to Connect

BusinessWeek online is quoting Mark Zandi from Mark predicts the tech? industry will have its best year since 2000, creating 217,000 jobs with rising wages. After another million WordPress sites are built we’ll surely need more php, sql and plugin developers in 2008.

Other predictions at Business Week Online include a rise in spending among CIO’s as reported by CIO Magazine. This was not the thinking waay back in October of last year when a dip in spending was predicted.


Massive Technology News Update

According to CNET, MTV? has is buying, That’s funny but seriously, MTV has it going on. Just check out or the? Virtual Hills recent launch? on there platform. Seriously, if you don’t care what’s going on with teenagers these days, don’t watch MTV.? 

Anyway, Intel and Sun are working together again. This time to build some Xeon-based Sun servers.

Long distance and International calls are now free to Vonage numbers.

AOL is in Second Life. That’s not to be confused with AOL has a second life.

NewsGator announced a hosted version of the Eneterprise RSS Product Suite.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be another big news? day, check out all the links at

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawai`i this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the WOW Technology Minute.

MTV to buy

Sun servers heading back to Intel chips
Photo: Sun, Intel team up
Intel reclaims spot in Sun servers

Vonage offers free calling to subscriber numbers

AOL announces ‘Second Life’ presence

NewsGator puts hosted business RSS service online

Pretexting Is Illegal Integrity Still Legal

OK, just so you know. It’s now illegal to fraudulently obtain someone else’s phone records. HP knows it, the President knows it and now you know. What! No more ethics? You know who I mean. If these people will you’ll spam you and spy on you and and malware your cracks when? you aren’t looking,? what will? they do when a a tighter economy persists with more competition?

For you hotshot executives out there making all the dough how about setting some examples out there so other web 2.0 companies understand what integrity means in a business 2.0 environment.?

Of course that goes for everyone but me. Integrity is out the window as soon as I get a big fat check from a sponsor. I’m so gonna buy a Hooters in Florida and retire there.

And remember, it’s not surfing if you don’t get wet.

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island? of Hawaii for the World Organization of Webmasters and the WOW Technology Minute.

President signs pretexting bill into law

Big Mahalos to DJ Rubicon Zen at the Aloha Outpost Cafe in Pahoa. He spins the music that keeps this podcast spinning.

Check out the stream here:

White Blackberrys Smelly Phones and Security Flaws All Around

There’s a new Blackberry out, it’s white. There’s some phones being released at CES that smell, literally. The iPhone was copied before Steve Jobs got off the stage and Apple is a bit upset. They’ve sent some “stop now” letters to forums and bloggers that provided instructions on how to skin any Windows smartphone so it looks like the new iPhone.

Flash Player 9 from Adobe is shipping. Adobe also has a new beta version of Sound Booth you might not know about and they’ve made Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta available for download at

Oracle has plugged 51 security flaws. EMI the music label has reached a deal with a Chinese search provider to offer free ad-supported streaming of their Chinese song catalog. The attack code for a “critical” Window’s flaw is out and about. Better get the patch.

I’d like to offer a special thanks to CNET for giving us leads to several of our top stories today. Mahalo.

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawaii, this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the WOW Technology Minute.

New White Blackberry Pearl – CNET Review

DoCoMo’s new phones feature touch panel, smell

Adobe Labs Top Releases

Oracle plugs 51 security flaws

Attack code out for ‘critical’ Windows flaw

U.S.: No Net governance changes expected

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