Apple Releases Boot Camp for Vista FOIA Audit and SitePoint Articles

Apple has released a Boot Camp beta for Vista. iTunes reportedly still isn’t Vista-ready.

According to? Eric J. Sinrod? at, “A recent audit by the National Security Archive? –an independent, nongovernmental research effort at George Washington University–paints a bleak picture of governmental noncompliance with E-Freedom of Information Act? a decade after its enactment.”? ? 

They’ve probably lost most of the information. Having the government? manage their own information just sounds like trouble. What are they doing with information anyway. Just kidding, please don’t audit me.

There are two great? web marketing articles over at One titled, “Gear Up Your Site for Social Media Marketing“? is very timely and the other “The Essential 2007 Code Optimization Tutorial for SEO” is awesome for you slackers out there that need to catch up in a few minutes.

Which is longer than we have.

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawaii this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the Wow Technology Minute.

Additional Resources? 

Apple Boot Camp Update for 32 bit Vista

Perspective:?  Freedom of information? Uncle Sam, get it right!

SitePoint Articles
Gear Up Your Site For Social Media Marketing

The Essential 2007 Code Optimization Tutorial for SEO

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