Documentation 2.0. Designing the Rich Internet Experience-Interview with John Yesko

Greetings WOW members and Web professionals everywhere. Bill Cullifer here with the World Organization of Webmasters (WOW) and the WOW Technology Minute.

WOW participated in the Web Builder 2.0 Conference last week in Las Vegas, NV. I sat in on a number of great sessions offered by some of the best minds in the Web profession and was fortunate enough to interview a handful of them.

For today?’s podcast, I had the pleasure to interview John Yesko – User Experience Lead, Roundarch based in Chicago, IL. I asked john to summarize his session regarding his Documentation 2.0. Designing the Rich Internet Experience.

As websites are moving farther away from the “page” metaphor and toward richer, more interactive experiences, designers are faced with moving beyond the site map and static wireframe. We need to be able to communicate more fluid interfaces and interactions. Sometimes this means documenting very detailed functionality and almost infinite “states,” or representing motion in a static medium. But it can also mean stepping back to paint a broader picture—establishing and communicating the fundamental approach for a site’s interactions – to build consensus before the detailed work begins.

John?’s hour long session covered several highly-visual documentation techniques, which attempt to communicate the exact right amount of information—to the right stakeholders—at the right points in the project. From presenting a high-level concept map or user experience brief to an executive, to producing a usable functional spec for visual designers and developers.

Check out the two minute interview on today’s WOW Technology Minute website.

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A transcript of this podcast will be available in twenty-four hours.

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