Ideas to Interface – Interview with Aarron Walter, MailChimp

Ideas to Interface, Fostering the Creative Process – Interview with Aarron Walter, Author, UX Designer at MailChimp

Today’s podcast is a continuation of the media coverage of the Future of Web Design (FOWD) 2011 London Conference with Abbey Tosic, Web Designer at 3M.

As you may recall from previous podcast, Abbey participated in the conference that took place in London 16th – 18th May 2011. Abbey Tosic, WOW member and blogger at DOTCOMGIRLS, graciously offered to share her thoughts on the benefits of attending the conference and to bring back a few of the interviews that she conducted with some of the more notable speakers.

In this three minute podcast, Abbey caught up with Aarron Walter, Author and UX Designer at MailChimp.

Aarron generously shares and overview of his session and his thoughts. For your information and review, I’ve highlighted below some of the take aways from Abbey as well as a “SlideShare” presentation on the topic provide by Arron from previous workshops that he participated in.

“Transforming Ideas into Interfaces”
Aarron Walter


You’ve got ideas swimming in your head about the next website or web app you want to make, but translating abstract thoughts into a usable, successful interface is no easy task. How do you make sure you’re designing something relevant to your audience? Should you wireframe, prototype, or both? How do you build an interface quickly while planning for the future? Aarron will share practical advice from the interface design school of hard knocks that will help you make your ideas a reality.

According to Abbey, Creating a pattern Library:

a. Helps you design and build faster
b. Usability pattern library
c. Mail Chimp’s results: 40% less time code used, lessening code time and minimizing file size
d. Facebook results: 19% less time spent coding
e. Building consistent brand look and feel- No more reinventing the wheel

More on the Topic with Aarron Walter

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