Interactive Marketing and Link Building Trends for 2010

Interactive Marketing and Link Building Trends Podcast

Today’s podcast is about interactive marketing and linking building trends for 2010. Debra Mastaler, President of Alliance-Link, an interactive marketing company focused on providing custom link building campaigns and link training provides her thoughts and insights on the topic.

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1. Traffic is the new PageRank, so the goal is to get as much from varied sources as you can. Capture email addresses and use them in your sales and link building efforts. Balance new content, new links and inbound traffic when implementing a link campaign. Split your campaigns into link popularity building and traffic generation links—this will give you a diverse and natural looking back link profile.

2. While Twitter is my new General Hospital, it’s also my new favorite search vehicle. Use Twitter to research for link leads as you would any search engine. Use Twitter as a point of commonality when contacting people for links; “I follow you on Twitter” is a wonderful icebreaker.

3. Be wary of fad link tactics, and keep in mind the key components of link popularity and what makes a link valuable. Cookie cutter links on similar sites won’t pass the type of link popularity you need to help your pages rank for the long-term.

4. Content development will continue to be crucial but where you place content will be key. Article directories are still OK to use but drive little in the way of link popularity or syndication. Developing relationships with key bloggers, journalists and ezines will become crucial. Look also to topical online communities and the answer sites to find authorities to host your content.

5. Becoming the “authority” in your niche (especially for competitive brands) will become paramount as the search noise on the web/net escalates. One way to do this is to incorporate on and offline advertising efforts. The more people see your brand online and offline, the more they’ll trust and link to it when asked.

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