Mobile JavaScript – Interview with Christopher Schmitt

Mobile JavaScript – Interview with Christopher Schmitt

Mobile JavaScript – Interview with Christopher Schmitt,
The Mobile web is growing eight times faster than the desktops and Smartphone sales will surpass PC sales in 2012 says Christopher Schmitt at

In this eighteen minute interview with Christopher Schmitt, author, Web standards advocate, designer and principle at, a small new media publishing and design firm from Austin, TX, Christopher shares his thoughts and perspectives on the mobile JavaScript frameworks, mobile design and mobile best practices.

We also discuss his thoughts on why Markup and Scripting is important for Web Designers, some of the takeaways from a upcoming HTML5 Cookbook he is collaborating on and a totally online Mobile JS Summit that he has planned complete with discounts for WOW members as well as a number of other events that he has planned.

I continue to be amazed and impressed with just how incredibly intelligent and down to earth Web professionals like Christopher Schmitt are and I’d like to give him, his co-authors and his collaborators on the following events for Web professionals. It’s a great time to be a Web pro and I’d highly recommend that you learn more about Christopher and his support for the Web professional community.

* Mobile JS Summit –
* Accessibility Summit –
* UX Web Summit –

Discount code for Mobile JS Summit 20WOW (Good for 20% off, and good for all three events)

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