Next Generation Firewall – Interview Nir Zuk from Palo Alto Networks

Today I’ve got Nir Zuk on the phone. Nir is a network security expert. He’s also the Founder and CTO of Palo Alto Networks. Palo Alto Networks have created an application centric security product that is basically revolutionizing the way we think of firewalls.

Aloha Nir, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Could you give our enterprise listeners out there some insight into what you feel are the top three issues IT departments should be mindful of when it comes to the security of their network applications?

To Listen to Nir’s insightful reply click the play button above.

Thank you for your time to day Nir and thanks for the fighting the good fight.

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawai`i this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the Wow Technology Minute.

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