Web 2.0 Interview with Brent Norris, Webmater from the State of Hawaii

Greetings WOW Members and Web Professionals everywhere!

Bill Cullifer here with the World Organization of Webmasters (WOW) and the WOW Technology Minute. 

Today?’s topic is Web 2.0 and I am the phone with Brent Norris, a Web 2. 0 Designer and a Webmaster generalist from the great state of Hawaii. 

Brent, I have two questions for you.  Can you explain what Web 2 means for the listeners of this podcast that are aspiring and just now getting into this field? Also, can you explain what Web 2.0 means for the experienced and practicing professional?

Check out the entire interview at www.webprominute.org 

For more information about Brent check out www.Brent.FM

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