Web Professional Trends for 2014 – HTML5 with Edward J. Correia

In this 7 minute interview with Edward J. Correia, Managing Editor @TheChannelCompany we talk about Web Professional Trends for 2014 including the growing number of benefits of HTML5:

* HTML5 development is in full swing and will continue to blossom
* HTML5 will become more powerful as it develops
* HTML5 better and easier way to develop applications for both small business and the enterprise
* Why is HTML5 better than Java for cross-platform development?
* Java continues to solve many cross-platform issues. But it also introduces obstacles
* How JavaScript, the language formerly known as Mocha, later LiveScript, proved more useful than Java in some ways because it could interact with the browser and control content display using HTML’s cascading style sheets (CSS).
* How JavaScript support soon became standard in every browser. It is now the programming language of HTML5, which is currently
being considered by the World Wide Web Consortium as the next markup-language standard
* HTML5 offers a more attractive alternative. Just write your application and run it on any kind of computing device, whether it’s a phone, tablet, netbook, desktop, or TV. If the device supports HTML5, it will run there
* What other JavaScript-related language efforts are on the horizon
* Intel is directly involved in the advancement of HTML5 and JavaScript
* Software is yhe differentater regardless of the platform
* HTML5 opens the doors for enhanced websites as well


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