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Opportunities abound for the Web professionals for 2016. The percentage of online sales and eCommerce continues to grow (at the expense of brick and mortar). This trend is expected to increase in 2016. The increased growth comes from use of mobile devices (particularly smartphones). In fact, some have predicted revenue from sales via smartphones may exceed sales from desktop devices in 2016.


Why is this important for Web Professionals?


We anticipate that consumers will also want their experiences to richer in content. Just having a static photo of a product may have worked in the past; but today’s consumers want much more. This will likely include video and increased use of social media in marketing channels. We expect greater reliance on the entire customer experience. Yes, user experience matters.


What you need to know:


  • Confirm your website is mobile friendly. Sadly, many in early 2016 still are not.
  • Make certain the technologies you employ on your website are able to take advantage of approaches (such as location-based marketing).
  • Confirm your infrastructure will handle richer customer experiences. Although it is 2016, many sites still struggle with video and related experiences.


Now is the time to understand these rapid changes happening in eCommerce and make certain you are working on projects to support customers now and in the future.


Fast Facts



Jonathan Lacoste recently discussed 3 marketing trends for eCommerce in 2016 via Inc.that warrant a closer look:

  • micro-moment marketing – those moments when a consumer grabs their smartphone to look something up. Retailers will do their best to become part of that micro-moment.
  • location-based marketing – the use of beacons is expected to grow significantly in 2016. This allows retailers to know precisely where their customer is located (and respond with appropriate messages – perhaps coupons for a percentage off – if you act now).
  • onsite personalization – think in terms of a digital shopping assistant.


Check out WebProfessionals.org ShoolofWeb.org education portal for additional educational and training resources. For additional information on previously posted Web Professional Trends visit our blog.


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