Interview Bill Cullifer – Web Pro Community Challenge web design contest

Today I’ve got Bill Cullifer on the phone. Hey Bill, howzit going?

As many of you know, Bill is the Executive Director and Founder of the World Organization of Webmasters. Bill, I understand WOW and Adobe are announcing the Web Pro Community Challenge at Adobe Max next week in Chicago. Can you tell us what it’s all about?

To learn more about the contest, click the play button above to hear the full interview.

To learn more about the Web Pro Community Challenge, visit:
Web Pro Community Challenge – Web and Application Design Contest

Tech News, Resources, Adobe InDesign, Google Gears and Eternal Net Tax Ban Support

If you’d like to write a plugin for Adobe InDesign a new plugin editor is available on the labs site.

There’s also an Adobe Air update for Flash CS3. Designers are also going to love Layers Magazine. It’s billed as a How-to Magazine for everything Adobe. I love the podcast format.

For you marketers out there, Google has a new ad format called Google Gadget Ads. Combine this with Google AdSense for Mobile and you’ll have plenty to keep you busy with your white-hat marketing efforts. Oh, and don’t forget to update the the new AdWords editor by October 3rd -or else!

As John Dowdell points out, now support artifact removal for the H.264 video format.

Also in the news, Yahoo! bought Zimbra for 350 million dollars. AOL is moving to New York.

Finally, if you haven’t tried Google Gears or the new offline version of Google Reader, please don’t. I could use any advantage I can get over the other news researchers out there.

The Bush administration is apparently endorsing an eternal Net tax ban for those of you interested in freedom.

Tomorrow we’re off to Chicago for Adobe Max. I’ll be representing our local Adobe User group and working with the World Organization of Webmasters to promote a special event that will be announced on the 1st.

 All the resources mentioned in this podcast are available at

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawai`i this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the Wow Technology Minute.

Additional Resources

Bush administration endorses eternal Net tax ban

Adobe InDesign Plug-in Editor

Layers Magazine

Google Gadget Ads – Google Press Release

Google AdSense for Mobile

Inside AdWords – Please Upgrade to AdWords Editor 4.0 by October 3rd

Google Gears

Google Bookmarks, Zillow and Cell Phone review sites, tricks and hacks

Google has a new Social Bookmarking service called, “Shared Stuff” and you can now create online presentations with Google Docs.

Zillow raises more capital. If you’re a real estate agent please learn more about

The iPhone is still hot with more than a million units sold. It’s getting lots of publicity and some interest from hackers. We’ve listed some stories and resources from CNET below to help you understand the issues and exploits in case you’re considering a new iPhone since the price dropped.

On the AnandTech website you’ll find some great photos of future generation iPhone possibilities based on Intel’s Moorestone chipset. The photos are shots of the slides from Day two of the Intel Developer’s Forum.

Texas Instruments has demonstrated a cell phone prototype with a built-in projector. I love this idea. There’s a video below.

If you’re looking for a personal windmill to help you charge your cell phone, we’ve got a link to that story you need below.

You’ll find more stories about the forthcoming Gphone at last100, TechCrunch and an entry at Wikipedia. Links below.

To help you research and shop for a new cell phone, we’ve reviewed and listed a few sites with solid reviews, photos and succinct feature explanations.

And finally, my remark yesterday about no cell phones being available to do quality podcasts was incorrect. Thanks cellphone news and mobilewhack for this article about the new 8gig version of Nokia N95. Look for this multimedia powerhouse as soon as the end of this year. The current n95 model is already available for about 700 bucks.

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawai`i this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the Wow Technology Minute.

Additional Resources

Video: New exploit takes control of iPhone

iPhone vulnerability announced

iPhone vulnerability announced

Moorestown: The Future of the iPhone?

Hands-on with Texas Instruments’ cellphone projector

The Gphone is coming; how Google could rewrite the rules

Lots and Lots of Google Phone Rumors: HTC, Android, and even Yahoo in the mix

gPhone – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sites with Solid Cell Phone Reviews


Adobe Shares and Google Earth Rockets up and how to get your videos out faster

Adobe’s is beating Wall Street expectations and shares are up 4.5%. Apparently the Wow Tech Minute is having a strong impact on Adobe’s bottom line. Thank you for watching and listening. Uh, you know I’m kidding, right?

A new satellite went up yesterday to help improve the quality and availability of Google Earth images. There’s a link to the launch video below.

What you won’t find in today’s news, is word on when laptop batteries will start lasting longer than a year. Still no news regarding cell phones with quality podcasting abilities and still no date when our bandwidth speeds will catch up to Korea, Japan or a dozen other locations around the world.

If you need to upload a video to more than one video sharing site like YouTube, try out and These two services let you submit your video to their service which in turn, uploads your video to about ten of the most popular video sharing sites.

and in case you’re wondering where the best designers and web developers in the world will be in two weeks, you should check out Drop any requests for interviews in the comments.

Al the links to the original news stories are at

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawai`i this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the Wow Technology Minute.

Additional Resources

Adobe earnings, outlook top Street

New satellite to sharpen Google Earth
Launch Video

Upload to several popular video sharing sites at once
Vidmetrix – –

Adobe Max 2007 North America – Chicago

Next Generation Firewall – Interview Nir Zuk from Palo Alto Networks

Today I’ve got Nir Zuk on the phone. Nir is a network security expert. He’s also the Founder and CTO of Palo Alto Networks. Palo Alto Networks have created an application centric security product that is basically revolutionizing the way we think of firewalls.

Aloha Nir, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Could you give our enterprise listeners out there some insight into what you feel are the top three issues IT departments should be mindful of when it comes to the security of their network applications?

To Listen to Nir’s insightful reply click the play button above.

Thank you for your time to day Nir and thanks for the fighting the good fight.

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawai`i this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the Wow Technology Minute.

Additional Resources

Palo Alto Networks


Tech News Update – CNN Google Adobe Blackberry Palm Firefox has inked a multi-year ad deal with Google.

The Adobe Flash Player will be supporting Hi-Def video. This is just about as good as video will get, especially on the web. The new version of the Flash 9 player is at

Senators from Minnesota and Virginia are introducing a new bill to make it easier to get out of your cell phone contract.

Apple has now sold over 1 million iPhones. All of them will need to be sent in for service when the batteries die. The price drops affected about 100,00 of the sales. Blackberry had another outage today. Look for a new product announcement tomorrow from Palm.

Firefox reached 400 million downloads.

Adobe Photoshop Express is partially revealed at Photoshop World in Las Vegas.

For all the real links and real resources, check out

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawaii, this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the Wow Technology Minute.

Additional Resources

Google to Present at the Citigroup Technology Conference

Senators take on cell phone contract fees

Cell Phone Consumer Empowerment Act of 2007

Apple: 1 million iPhones sold

Another Blackberry outage

Palm to announce new device September 12, and it’s not the Centro

Firefox passes 400 million downloads

Adobe gives peek at online Photoshop

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