10 Critical Mistakes Web Professional Freelancers Make

Critical Mistakes Freelancers Make Everyday

For today’s podcast, I reached out to interview Rob Bowen, Freelance Writer and Grahphic Designer for Dead Wings Designs from Manitou Springs, Colorado. Rob frequently wrirtes about Freelancers and he recently wrote a thought provoking peice on Critical Mistakes Freelancers Make.

Check out today’s four minute interview for details on the following top ten mistakes Web professionals should avoid making.

* They Don’t Use A Contract
* They Misuse Social Media (Or Don’t Use It At All)
* They Put Quantity Over Quality In Their Portfolio
* They Stop Learning
* They Don’t Know How To Deal With Clients
* They Fail To Prepare For Dry Spells
* They Overload Their Plate
* They Miss A Deadline (And Think It’s No Big Deal)
* They Lack Confidence
* They Go To Work For Someone Else

A Full Transcript of this podcast will be available in seventy two hours.

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