Closing the Gap between Design and Web Development – Interview with Chris Converse

Closing the Gap between Design and Web Development – Bring Your Design to Life Interview with Chris Converse, Author, Web Designer and Principle at Chris Converse Design


“A sizable gap between exists between the Print Design and Web Development side of the house” says Chris Converse, principle at Chris Converse Design. In this six minute interview Chris shares his perspective on:

• Steps to close the gap
• How to improve workflow between design and Web development
• Ideas and principles for incorporating HTML and CSS for print designers
• A step by step best practice to render and optimize your design in multiple browsers
• About his book “Bring Your Web Design to Life: Creating Rich Media Websites with Adobe Creative Suite” available at PeachPit Press will be sure to please any experienced developer that works with traditional print and newbie Web designers

Chris in his own words:

In working with design companies and advertising agencies around the world, we at Codify Design Studio noticed a common gap in the web design workflow—a gap between designers and developers, and the creation of the HTML and CSS necessary to bring that design to life within a browser. This gap in the workflow results in aspects of the designer’s vision being unrealized in the final design represented in a web browser.

In my seminars, I ask designers to raise their hands if they would be willing to send only artwork files to their commercial printers, and let the prepress men do the layout work instead of them. No designer raises his or her hand. Just as print designers are responsible for bringing their designs to the press, web designers should be responsible to bring their designs to the browser.

To help designers transition to web design, I’ve written and designed Bring Your Web Design to Life: Creating Rich Media Websites with Adobe Creative Suite. and its available at Peachpit Press. This unique video series and reference guide starts form the very beginning and teaches designers step-by-step how to bring their web design to the browser. You’ll start with a design comp in Photoshop, click on the slicing tool, and get to work creating the assets we need for your web layout.

“We combine graphic design with the technologies necessary to achieve communication goals across various media.”

We designed and developed the Project Rome site to reflect aspects of the software’s interface, while also adhering to requests to integrate social media and online forum discussions into the design. The homepage also features an xml-driven interactive carousel highlighting various features of this new product.

About Chris Converse

Chris is graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in graphic design. He began his career in print, designing and preparing digital files for commercial offset printing. Chris has spent the last 15 years studying and applying design and interface principles to technology. His work spans various distribution media (CD-ROMs, web sites, and interactive DVDs) and applies many authoring media and techniques (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, image optimization, motion graphics, Flash, Director, Shockwave, sound engineering, digital video compression, PHP, and ASP). Chris has a passion for and a commitment to conceiving, creating, and delivering the best possible user experience, regardless of the medium.

More information about Chris can be found on his website at:

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