Interview with Larry Irving Regarding the State of Bandwidth and the Exaflood

I recently spoke with? the former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information under the Clinton Administration and President of the Irving Information Group. Larry Irving? is also an expert on the ExaFlood and shares his concerns for insuring the bandwidth will be here in the Aloha State of Hawaii and the U.S. in coming years.

His insights and perspectives are? very useful on many levels. Thanks again Larry for the interview.

Here’s the question…?

(click on play button to hear the whole interview)?

From Aloha Workshops on the Big Island of Hawaii this is Brent Norris for the World Organization of Webmasters and the Wow Technology Minute.

More Resources:

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Thursday, May 24, 2007; Page A31

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Note: The Irving Information Group, is a consulting firm providing strategic planning and market development services to international telecommunications and information technology companies.


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