Google Home on the 700mhz Range

Would the Net Neutrality debate flip-flop if Google owned the rights to their own broadband spectrum? What would Google do with their own “Open Wireless Network”? They won’t be able to stop a Senate Judiciary Sub Committee from getting testimony from Google Execs regarding their DoubleClick purchase but they might be able to give away a lot of bandwidth to the people that need it most -everyone.

As Larry Irving pointed out last week, we’re a a huge bandwidth deficit compared to other developing countries. If the current list of bandwidth providers can’t deliver, let’s let some web 2.0 companies in there to speed things up.

Some kids with their own startups participating in a panel at the recent, Mashup 2007 conference say that email is dead. They use social apps to communicate with friends. Read more at If the kids have it right, what would they do with an “Open Wireless Network”?

Marketers, there’s more updates to the Google Webmaster Tools

Designers, check out this list of bookmarks from Adobe on

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