Web Accessibility “Top Ten” Tips and SEO Relevancy

Greetings WOW Members and Web Professionals everywhere! Bill Cullifer here with the World Organization of Webmasters (WOW) and the WOW Technology Minute.

We?’ve been covering the topic of Web accessibility in depth and for today?’s podcast, I am reaching out to Brent Norris, Web developer from the Aloha state for some closing thoughts on this important topic.

Yesterday, I summarized my thoughts on the lessons learned regarding the interviews that we?’ve conducted on this topic of Web accessibility and our own efforts to improve the WOW Technology Minute website. In short, I stated that we?’re making progress in the areas of improving our understanding of the importance Web accessibility topic as a profession and thanks to the community we have tools and resources to address this issue head on.

As a result of our recent efforts to update our own knowledge base on the topic, it?’s also clear that in addition to being the right thing to do, Web accessibility makes great business sense and resources exist to readily document this as a business case.

With our own WOW Technology Minute Web accessibility project in mind for example, we?’ve been able to demonstrate that with a little bit of time invested and some very easy to do processes, we can make small incremental improvements on our site that can have a big impact for those with disabilities.

For the ten minute audio response with Brent and his take on the “Top Ten” Web Accessibility Tips complete with explanations of the SEO relevancy, check out today’s WOW Technology Minute.

Today?’s WOW Technology Minute is sponsored by Concentric offering small business and shared web hosting solutions.

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