Web News Monday-MySpace Less Social and Web 2.0 Developer Survey Picks

Greetings WOW Members and Web Professionals everywhere!
Bill Cullifer here with the World Organization of Webmasters (WOW) and the WOW Technology Minute.

It s Web News Monday and here s what s shaping our Web world this week.
MySpace still dominates the social networking scene but fewer people are visiting and their spending less time according to news sources published this week. The U.S. dominates the mobile social networking arena.

In other news, Web 2 Developers favor a mix of Web and pc capabilities for designing front-end interfaces. Combining Internet base-based and PC-based computing resources for Web 2 applications was the top choice according to poll reported by Evans Data Corp. Microsoft and Google are in a dead heat for the most popular widget or gadget category at 22.9% of those surveyed.

Stay tuned this week for more coverage on Web Accessibility and other great resources. Thanks for listening and watching today s WOW Technology Minute.

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