Web Professional Trends in 2014 Announced

Podcast Series to Cover Web Design, Development and Web Business Trends

WebProfessionals.org is proud to kick-off its “Web Professional Trends” podcast series. The series begins today November 26, 2013 and continues through the first quarter of 2014. The first podcast in the series is with Garth Braithwaite, Senior Experience Designer at Adobe regarding Web Design Workflow and Open Source.

Additional podcasts slated for December 2013 and into the New Year will cover a wide variety of Web professional topics. For example, the podcasts also will deep dive into the Web Professional Job market and examine whether the U.S. H1B Visa issue is about improving access to employees or about cheaper labor.

Additional Web Design, Development and Web Business topics include:

•Web Security
•Mobile Application Development
•Responsive Design
•Web and Content Marketing
•Linked and Big Data
•Managing your business (accounting, web hosting, tools etc)
•Web Standards
•Project Management
•Legal issues
•Web Server Admin including hardware, security, network)

Moderated by Bill Cullifer, Executive Director WebProfessionals.org the series will explore trends, cutting-edge enabling technologies and strategies that aim to strengthen the role of the Web professional. The series will feature notable industry professionals such as:

•Garth Braithwaite, Senior Experience Designer at Adobe
•Jim Sterne, Founder, eMetrics Summit and current Chairman of the Digital Analytics Association
•Lance Loveday, Founder and CEO Closed Loop
•Kevin Lee, CEO, Didit: Search – Social – Display – Video – Content Marketing
•Tim Kadlec, independent web developer, consultant, author and trainer
•Gary-Paul Barbosa Prince, Artist and Creative Evangelist. Active in the digital media and fine art fields.
•Larry Ullman, writer, Web and software developer, trainer, instructor, speaker, and consultant.

The series will begin on November 28, 2013 and will continue throughout the first quarter of 2014. For additional information visit https://webprofessionals.org

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