Web Security Predictions for 2010

Web Security Threats Projected to Grow for 2010

2010 will see increasing Web security threats and are projected to grow to users of social networking and media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, according to security vendor McAfee. “In 2009 we saw increased attacks on websites, exploit cocktails thrown at unsuspecting users, infrastructure failure via natural and unnatural causes, and ‘friendly fire’ become a larger problem than ever.”

The report also warns future users of the Google Chrome operating system to be aware of attacks in HTML 5.

“It really speaks to a Web 2.0 world. People communicate differently today, people transact and pay their bills differently today, and that drives today’s criminals,” ABC Science quoted David Marcus, director of security research and communications for McAfee Labs, which this week released its 2010 Threat Predictions report, as saying. “Bad guys tend to go where the masses go,” he added.

Not only has the volume of threats escalated dramatically, the delivery methods have also become more sophisticated, he said.”With Facebook reaching more than 350 million users, we expect that 2010 will take these trends to new heights,” security vendor McAfee said in its “2010 Threat Predictions” report

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