Web Trends – 2015

Web Design Trends, Web Development and Web Business Trends for 2015

The Web Professional Trends series begins November 26, 2014 and continues through the first quarter of 2015. The first podcast in the series is with Brent Norris, director of IT at Green Collar Technologies will cover the latest trends for the Small Business Web professional managing multiple projects.

Additional podcast slated for December 2014 and into the New Year will cover a wide variety of Web professional topics including enterprise level Web Design Trends, Web Development Trends and Web Business Trends will include:

*Web Security
*Social Media
*Web Project Management
*Web Marketing
*Mobile Application Development
*Responsive Design
*Web and Content Marketing
*Linked and Big Data
*Managing your business (accounting, web hosting, tools etc)
*Web Standards
*Legal and Copyright
*Legal issues
*Web Server Admin (including hardware, security, network)

The series and interviews will be conducted and moderated by Brent Norris the series will explore trends, cutting-edge enabling technologies and strategies that aim to strengthen the role of the Web professional.

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