WOW Web Site Redesign Project Announced

Sept, 2009. After months of handwringing, and shout outs to friends, colleagues and WOW members, WOW’s new web site Markover project is well underway.

The goals of the WOW redesign project include refocusing the site on users, making the sites navigation easier and making the sites resources responsive those that practice, aspire and teach within the Web profession.

In making the announcement, Bill Cullifer, WOW’s Executive Director said “that the site was way out of date and touch with best practices of the day. In fact, I can’t believe it took us so long to self examine ourselves” said Cullifer.

WOW hopes to have a greater focus on individual users and to feature resources that are important to practicing professionals, students and those that teach. The new site design will feature industry news by the hour, events, job board, professional directory and education and training resources.

A special shout out to those that cared enough to express your thoughts both negatively as well as positively and of those that supported the WOW through the process including WOW member Melvin Ram, Principle at SitesPress Web Design Company for his efforts.

“We still have plenty to do and a decade of cobwebs left to shake off” said Cullifer but we are committed to getting this right.

We’re currently working on migrating the WOW Blog to the Web professional website. In the meantime, please follow along with the WOW on the Web Professional Minute website.

0 thoughts on “WOW Web Site Redesign Project Announced

  1. Janos Fustos

    would it be possible to get a URL to a logo on your site that can be used to provide a link to Previously you had such an option but that went away with the re-design. I used it to direct my students to your website from my web development and web administration courses for additional learning materials.

    Thank you for the consideration.


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