Adobe MAX 2010 – Tips and Tools from the Chris Georgeness

Adobe MAX 2010 – Tips and Tools and a Max Event Overview: Interview with Chris Georgeness, Director of Creative Services Game Show Network

Chris Georgenes has been using Flash professionally for more than a decade, and has gained a wide following. He is the proprietor of, a Web animation studio, and he is the Art and Animation Director for Acclaim Games. His books for Focal Press, How to Cheat at Flash CS3 and How to Cheat at Flash CS4, have been steady sellers. He presents frequently at trade shows such as Flash in the Can, Flash on Tap, FlashForward, and Adobe MAX. He’s also the author of the Animation with Scripting for Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Studio Techniques available from PeachPit Press Online.

In this eleven minute interview, I asked Chris to share his take on the Adobe MAX event, what events he likes to participate in, his thoughts on the benefits of the Adobe Flash and what he thinks aspiring Web professionals should know about Flash.

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