HTML5 – Insights and Benefits with Chris Heilmann, Mozilla

I made the trek to Palo Alto, CA last week to participate in the Open Web Camp III taking place on the Stanford University Campus. In addition to honoring Bebo White and his contributions to the World Wide Web, I sat in on several sessions covering a variety of interesting Web topics.

For today’s podcast, I sat down with Chris Heilmann, Mozilla Evangelist, author and speaker. Chris provides a a terrific overview of the benefits of HTML5 and what Web professionals and those that teach need to consider when developing with this emerging technology standard.

A special shout out to Chris for the interview and for his time! Also, kudo’s to John Foliot, event manager and Web accessibility guru working with Stanford for making this event the success that it is. Last but not least, to Molly Holzschlag for the invitation and the wonderful time we spent together at this very special event.

To listen to Chris’s presentation in its entirety on MP3 click here.
For your viewing pleasure here’s Chris’s slide deck.

HTML5 battles still to be won

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