Inclusive Design – Interview with Cindy Li, Yahoo!

Inclusive Design – Interview with Cindy Li, Yahoo! at Open Web Camp III

Today’s podcast with Cindy Li, Yahoo! Applications Product Designer is a continuation of my media coverage of Open Web Camp III that took place at the Stanford University Campus in Palo Alto California earlier in the month.

I had the pleasure to sit down with Cindy to talk about her Inclusive Design session and Web design in general. Cindy is an accomplished designer and presenter on a variety of Web design topics. If you’re into design, branding and internationalization, I would encourage you to learn more about Cindy Li, the great design work by the team of designers at Yahoo and what Inclusive Design is all about.


For your information, I have included the following resources that I highly recommend that you take the time to check out.

* Yahoo’s! Beautifully Designed to be Perfectly Simple campaign
* More information on Inclusive Design

Here’s an example of the great work by the design team at Yahoo!

Beautifully Designed to be Perfectly Simple

yahoo mail design

Check Out the New Yahoo Mail Design

What is Inclusive Design?

According to the University of Cambridge, who by the way developed some really fascinating resources on the topic, “Every design decision has the potential to include or exclude customers. Inclusive design emphasizes the contribution that understanding user diversity makes to informing these decisions. User diversity covers variation in capabilities, needs, and aspirations. It is important to understand the terms design and inclusive design, the ethos behind inclusive design, and the way inclusive design contributes to product success. A number of case studies demonstrate how inclusive design can foster innovation and better design.”

Check out the the Inclusive Design Tool Kit for resources including:

* What is inclusive design?
* Why do inclusive design?
* How to get started?
* Inclusive design tools
* User capabilities

A special shout out to Cindy Li, at Yahoo! for the interview and for turning us on to this exciting topic.

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