Javascript Done Right – Interview with Dirk Ginader, Yahoo! Inc.

Javascript Done Right– Interview with Dirk Ginader, Yahoo! Inc. at Open Web Camp III Palo Alto, CA

Today’s podcast is with Dirk Ginader, Web Developer at Yahoo! I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Dirk and a number of his equally passionate Web professional colleagues at the Open Web Camp III event that took place late last month at the Stanford University Campus in Palo Alto California.

In this three minute interview, Dirk summarizes his session entitled “Javascript Done Right” and shares some of the key takeaways for developers and designers as well as those that teach. If you’re serious about Javascript, you owe it to yourself to check out Dirk’s slide deck featured below as well as all of the incredible resources on the Yahoo! Developer Network. No one does it better than the developers at Yahoo! in my opinion and it’s worthy of your time to explore.

A special shout out to Dirk for his time and expertise. I’m always amazed at just how talented and down to earth the developers at team Yahoo! are. Great stuff and great people.


Slide Deck from Open Web Camp III

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