The Web Platform – Interview with Chris Wilson, Developer Advocate Google

The Web Platform – Interview with Chris Wilson, Developer Advocate Google at the Open Web Camp III Palo Alto, CA

Today’s podcast is with Chris Wilson, Developer Advocate at Google. Chris and a number of his colleagues, friends and other such notable Web professionals participated in the Open Web Camp III event that took place late last month at the Stanford University Campus in Palo Alto California.

In this three minute event conclusion interview, I asked Chris to sum up the benefits of attending Open Web Camp III. I also asked Chris to share his thoughts and perspective on HTML5.

For those of you that have been around for awhile, you’ll recall that Chris Wilson worked for Microsoft and has a long standing history working on the Web dating back to 1993. Chris was the co author of the Windows version of Mosaic, the first mass market Web browser. He’s also credited for introducing CSS to Microsoft IE working for Microsoft for 15 years just to name a few of his career contributions to the Web.

Chris has since moved on to Google where among other developer advocate duties he’s working on Google TV.

Whether you’re a veteran Web pro or just starting out in the Web, I think you’ll benefit from learning about Chris Wilson, one the early pioneers of the Web that continues to help shape the course of the Web as we know it today.

For your benefit, I am including an audio presentation of a keynote of Chris’s entitled “The Interconnectedness of all Things” courtesy of the Web Directions Conference and their creative commons license. It’s worth checking out and I highly recommend that you take the time to listen. We can learn a lot from individuals like Chris and I’d like to give him a shout out for the courtesy of speaking to me and for the interview.

I am also including a presentation slide deck from Chris that features:

* Why the Web platform is poised to further explode
* How to be a Responsible Web Designer

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