Team Web Design USA head for São Paulo Brazil

Supporting aspiring Web professionals and those that teach is my life’s work. Please join me in celebrating team Web Design USA as we head off to São Paulo Brazil to compete in the World Skills international Web Design Contest.


In the six minute interview, Bill Cullifer, Executive Director and founder of not-for-profit and Web Design Contest technical committee chair, reaches out to Matt Cronin and Steve Herr former high school teachers and mentors to the 2011 USA Web Design Contest Gold Medal winner, Michael Angel. Michael with the support from his former teachers is gearing up to compete internationally later this month at the WorldSkills Web Design Contest in Brazil and later in Germany in 2013.

Matt and Steve along with the Center for Technology Essex in Essex Vermont have graciously agreed to support Michael with additional technical, creative and soft skill training ranging from Web design, Web development, Web standards and Web business training as well as 21st Century employability skills.

The WorldSkills international Web Design Contest takes place Sao Palo Brazil November 2012 and in Leipzig Germany in July 2013. Team USA in Web Design is sponsored by SkillsUSA an 100 year old career technical student organization of Reston, Virginia, the 17 year old professional association representing Web designers, Web developers and those that teach with generous support from its corporate supporters including the Adobe corporation and Microsoft.

WorldSkills Competition Fast Facts:

•WorldSkills attracts over 200,000 visitors
•Over 60 countries and regions compete
•More than 1,000 competitors participate
•More than 1,000 media and journalist attend
•Only 1 in 17,000 students will be chosen to compete
•Over 3,000 specialist participate
•Sponsoring organizations invest over $50,000 on each competitor to cover travel, hotel, meals, uniforms and training
•The Web Design Contest was first introduced into WorldSkills at the 37th WorldSkills Competition in St. Gallen, Switzerland

USA Web Design Contest Fast Facts:

•Is sponsored by the association and its members
•In 2012 the USA Web Design contest celebrated ins 10 year anniversary
•With support from its industry and education supporters help raise over a million dollars in scholarships
•Attracts hundreds of students each year from each of the 50 US states
•Supports Career Technical Education (CTE) ‘
•Provides for best practices and Web standards
•Provide education and pathway support for thousands of students and those that teach at the high school and the community collage level
•Helps shape curriculum and career guidance for Web design, Web development and Web business careers

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