Web Professional Trends 2014 – User Experience with Dave Hogue

In this 10 minute interview with David M. Hogue, Ph.D., Design Manager @Google we talk about Web Professional Trends for 2014 including Web Design, User Experience and:

•That design for the Web is a very broad field that includes aspects of design ranging from visual design, interaction design, micro interaction and user experience
•Design at a higher level that includes emotional reaction design, service design and how experiences will cross channel
•The trends for recognition of these facts that will change the way people think about design
•How the role psychology is playing even a larger role today than ever before
•How the role psychology will affect digital environments and interaction trends
•The distinction between design and art
•That experienced designers are problem solvers
•That design is way beyond the visual
•That design is playing a larger role in business today
•About the need for improving overall design education
•The need for interdisciplinary approaches in education


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