Web Professional Trends 2014 – Web Content with Kevin Lee

In this 10 minute interview with Kevin Lee, cofounder and executive chairman at Didit we talk about Web Professional Trends for 2014 including Web Content and:

•Content Marketing is still King
•Although seasoned Web professional get it and Content Marketing is not new improving the value of business every day and becoming vogue
•Context is Queen
•Resurgence in content is a growing trend and is providing real value
•Channels of distribution is evolving and cross utilization of content is rising
•Content syndicated across social media extra requires a different way of thinking
•Content published across the platform can change/improve the context thus improving the value, validity (a halo affect) and SEO
•Job opportunity landscape beyond computer science, design and journalist
•How the refocuses of Web Content paints a rosier picture for a liberal arts education
•How video creation is opening up a whole new set of skills
•How content marketing campaigns require quantitative skill sets
•We’re moving past the buzz words requiring strong communications skill regardless of your role in the web profession


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