Web Professional Trends 2014 – Web Design with Eric Meyer

In this 10 minute interview with Eric Meyer, Principal at Complex Spiral Consulting we talk about Web Professional Trends for 2014 including Web Design with HTML and CSS and:

* Web browsers are changing so fast it’s difficult to keep up
* CSS flex box is gaining ground and proving great value
* Layout makes things possible that we haven’t ben able to do
* Mozilla flex wrap on the horizon
* The web community continues to work on best practices for Responsive Design
* Responsive images will take place allowing more and flexible bandwidth optimized images
* Proposals and standards still being developed
* Some discord among committees
* The need for best practices for the use of fonts, images and responsive images and types
* How Flash is a piece of the Web but dying as a result of mobile
* Mobile is driving a lot of the Web innovation
* Animations and Transitions with CSS is supported but we need additional best practices
* Hacks and techniques are moving the innovation and awareness but best practices are improving
* Browsers are optimizing their engines and improving rapidly
* JavaScript has vastly improved and is faster than ever


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