Web Professional Trends for 2013 – “Social Media for Small Business” Interview with Brent Norris

In this twelve minute interview Brent Norris, Web Consultant at Green Collar Technology we learn about his perspective on the topic of Web Professional Trends for 2013 as it relates Social Media and Small Business.


Specifically we learn:

•What Social Media means for Small Business
•Social Media goals for Small Business
•Social Media challenges Small Business
•Social Media ROI for Small Business
•Social Media challenges within the Web profession
•Brent’s perspective on meeting Social Media client needs for Small Business
•Social Media Opportunities for Small Business Web professionals
•A Social Media Comparison of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google plus
•Social Media Tips and Advice for Web professionals targeting Small Business

More about Brent Norris

Brent Norris grew up in Ormond Beach, Florida, mostly surfing with little awareness of the outside world. A designer at birth, Brent attended design school in the eighties before embarking on a digital design career in Boston, Massachusetts.

Working for small design boutiques and large corporations in the Greater Boston area during the dot-com boom, Brent gained experience consulting and training Fortune 500 companies like, Macromedia, Adobe, Apple and Nike. Brent expanded his personal reach giving emerging technology presentations at National and International conferences for organizations like the World Organization of Webmasters and the World Wide Web Consortium.

Brent lives off-the-grid in a remote area of Hawaii Island in a self-built treehouse where he re-imagines sustainable living practices in a native Ohia lehua forest. Brent lives lightly on the land, embraces local culture and constantly learns to apply ancient and modern technologies in everyday life. Thirty years of surfing and five years of living and working from his treehouse studio has married Brent to his environment.

Presently engaged in helping to strengthen Hawaii’s digital economies Brent seeks to transform Hawaii Island into a mecca for like-minded digital designers and developers interested in living off the grid and cultivating a new culture based on past traditions and singularity principles. Brent mentors students, serves on the Hawaii Island Junior Achievement Board of Directors. Brent earned the Webmaster of the Year award in 2009 and as Co-Founder and ED of Green Collar Technologies earned the Small Business Administration’s “Home Based Business Champion of the Year

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A special shout out to Brent Norris, a super nice and gracious guy for taking the time to talk with us!

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