Happy New Year from WebProfessionals.org

From all of us at WebProfessionals.org, we hope that you had a wonderful holiday season. We are gearing up a busy and productive year, and want to take a moment to thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to our organization that has enabled us to progress on many fronts. We want to make even greater strides in 2016.

In the coming months, we will be focusing on resources that we hope will support your efforts. As a community driven organization we plan to reach out to a number of practicing Web professional experts. For example we’re working on the following articles for the New Year and we would like to invite you to be an active participant.

  • Latest Web Design, Web Development and Web Business Trends for 2016
  • Web Professional Opportunities including resources for those that freelance, small business, government and corporate Web professionals
  • Current Practices that work including Web security and marketing
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Ethics in our Web Profession including fostering a beneficial and respected professional and ethical approach to professional practice.
  • Sustainability including how we continue to advance the relevance, reputation and compensation of our profession. This includes having a steady stream of qualified new talent through education and training.

If you haven’t subscribed yet please do so. We think this is going to be a most exciting year for our organization and our profession. Although the pace of change continues, this seems to be the year when so many aspects of technology are converging.

What do you plan to accomplish in 2016?

Drop us a note and let us know what your plans are. If you have anything to share with the Web Professional community let us know that too!

Best always,
Mark DuBois, Community Evangelist and Director of Education

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