Web Professionals Trends 2016

There are many commentaries covering Web Professional trends for 2016, I chose these to discuss the most common Web design items for you today. Future posts will cover Web development, Web business trends and Web security, to name a few. We will also be covering top IT skills in demand and job opportunities and training.

In a nutshell, here are some of the emerging Web design trends consistently mentioned:

  • CSS-3 impacting layouts – this is primarily due to increased acceptance of Flexbox by modern browsers and the emergence of the CSS grid for layout.
  • Material design dominating – Google’s material design is being rapidly adopted for UI presentation and development. We should be thinking more in terms of patterns instead of pages. For those unfamiliar with this approach, here  is the documentation at Google.
  • More prototyping in the browser – to focus on interactions instead of layout. This might be included with the above item.
  • Color and typography becoming bolder – again, as modern browsers embrace CSS-3 and HTML5. Many sites will make use of heavily saturated color.

Soon we will be covering Web development trends.

We chose these sources as examples of the trends mentioned above.

Yes, many other trends are mentioned in the above articles. However, these seem to stand out across all the articles I have read these past few days.

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