Web Professional Trends 2014 – Search Marketing

In this 5 minute interview with Lance Loveday, CEO @ClosedLoop we talk about Web Professional Trends in Search Marketing
for 2014 and:

* How Search continues to dominate the online advertising space
* How the Web profession is maturing and requiring specialization as well as a broad understanding of Web technologies
* How being well rounded and having good communication skills are in high demand
* How understanding your contribution and working well in teams is a must
* Think strategically
* Trends in Search Marketing including increased and opportunities beyond Search including targeting opportunities for advertisers
* Despite concerns by some “Retargeting” is growing in popularity, customer acceptance and monetization


How Retargeting Works

Retargeting technology is simple enough and is not really new. Experienced Web professionals know that by placing some JavaScript code on their customers website setting a cookie for the visitor’s browser. When the visitor surfs the web the cookie allows advertiser’s ads to be displayed only to those who have previously visited the website.

More on “Retargeting”

According to a recent article written by Lionel White, Retargeting is not a new concept to the digital industry — in fact, it has been around for some time — but its uses and forms have definitely evolved. Over the course of this evolution, “retargeting” has become somewhat of a loose term – we now see it used alongside “search” and “social” in addition to its original form, “site retargeting.”

By looking at data on consumers’ search habits, search retargeting allows an audience of interested consumers to be built and marketed to, whether they are current customers or not. As I explained in a previous article, an audience built by search retargeting is larger than an audience based purely on SEO keywords or an audience built on site retargeting data.

Retargeted ads can be accomplished through Google AdWords (bt the way Google calls it remarketing). LinkedIn and Facebook also offer retargeting as a part of their advertising programs. For example, Facebook accoring to Justin Freid options are coming to Facebook that won’t force you to go through FBX (Facebook Ad Exchange). Advertisers will no longer need to manage their Facebook retargeting campaigns through demand-side platforms (DSPs). Advertisers will now be able to manage retargeting programs directly through Facebook’s interface.’

More Social Retargeting

Lionel White, says that “Social retargeting is even more upper-funnel than search retargeting because it uses purely interest-based data points from consumers to identify and create audience groups, whether or not they have searched for, bought, or researched the brand’s product or a related product.

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